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First Month With 2 Female Kittens KiKi and KoKo

Month with Kiki and Koko

Well, let’s see they don’t let us sleep and they run around like maniacs! What more could you want two kittens to do? We got them a scratching box so they could scratch their nails and not our leather couches. It has not been working very well. Kiki likes to use it, sometimes, but Koko uses it to play in and hide from her sister. We will see how long it will last. So the sleep arrangements, well 10PM we hope to be in bed, but there is not sleep till two-ish. They are determined to play the minute our heads hit the pillow. We separate them, close the doors, but then they start scratching and meowing, so we open the doors and the fighting starts all over again and we kick one out again, you get the point. By the time they fall asleep, we are afraid to move or get up because they will jump up and run back and forth throughout the whole house till we have no other choice then to get up. It has been a fun month, we all have a schedule we know can’t change, and there is no need for an alarm clock, the kittens are our alarm clock 5AM on the dot every morning, Saturday and Sunday including.