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Finding Food for Cats with Allergies

Kiki and Koko are sisters born on the same day and have the same mom. This is basically where their similarities end. Kiki was the runt of the litter and the only tabby while her siblings are all black. You would never think that such a chunky cat was once the smallest and most frail. Going back to the subject, finding food for cats with allergies.

Food for Non-Poultry Eating Cats

As a kitten, Koko did not have any allergies. She ate everything Kiki did which included poultry products. Then before her third birthday she started scratching herself, excessively. She scratched her self so bad that a chunk of her hair was pulled out by the whiskers and her ear hair was thin and gone. We took her to the vet and they gave her a cortisone shot. I hated that this was needed and did not want to repeat the process ever again. So, the hunt for non-poultry cat food was on.

Over the year there have been a few more options available to my cat with allergies but they are more expensive, of course. The two brands of dry food that we can get are Natural Balance Limited Ingredient and Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient. There are two Natural Balance products that we alternate between, so my cat can have some variety. They include:

The eight pound bag of the venison option is over thirty two dollars and the salmon option is just under thirty, on Amazon. Koko, like us humans, will one day love the food the next day she’ll stick her nose up and just walk away. When she does this, it’s time to give her the Blue Buffalo option which is the Fish and Potato recipe.

I’m sure in due time, maybe another ten years, more companies will realize that advertising their food as “fish” or sea-food and having the second ingredient be chicken is wrong. Crave for example has a Salmon and Ocean Fish option and the ingredients start off as: “Salmon, Chicken Meal, Pea Protein, Chicken Fat..” Just an FYI, chicken meal and chicken fat is poultry.

Wet Cat Food without Poultry

We feed our cats a mixture of dry and wet food. They used to have wet food only two or three times a week but now they have at least one can a day. I would not be able to live off of just peanuts (dry food) and need some flavor and softness in my life. Are soft tacos an example of wet food? They should be…Anyway, I’m glad to say that a whole lot more brands have jumped on the no poultry wagon when it comes to wet cat food. Not all brands have the best ingredients but they don’t include chicken, chicken fat, poultry of any sort or that famous chicken meal we hear about. The below is a list of the wet cat food with limited ingredients that my cat loved. If you are looking for wet food for cats with allergies here are our favorites:

Koko loves Tiki Cat the most. I mean for a very picky cat with poultry allergies she will lick her plate clean. Then she will go to her sister’s plate and lick her’s as well. Meow Mix options are the cheapest and Koko always takes them. They are also available in Walmart and since it’s closer than Petco, she gets them often. The Purina Fancy Feast options are also available in Walmart and where we usually get them. Tiki Cat products we either get in Petco or order on Amazon. Rachel Ray Nutrish options are under a dollar and Koko and Kiki both love the two choices. We have yet to try the Sardine N Mackerel option but we did try Peak and they loved it. Can someone thank Rachel and her team for me?

Poultry-Free Treats for Cats

When your cat is good you want to give her a treat. Okay, that’s false because my girls get treats all the time for just being cute and demanding. They scream, I get up, feed them, and for a few minutes they are happy and satisfied. Some of their favorite cat treats without poultry include:

  • Buddy Biscuits Tempting Tuna
  • Instinct Freeze Dried Rabbit Mixer
  • Whole Life Pet Freeze Dried Salmon
  • Vital Cat Freeze Dried Minnows
  • Whole Hearted Soft Treats Salmon Recipe

You can find a bunch of other freeze dried options such as shrimp. Koko will sometimes eat it sometimes she’ll just sniff it so I’ll stick to items that she loves and will eat. If you are looking for food for cats with allergies to poultry, I hope I’ve helped you find some good choices. If you make your own raw food, please let me know your recipe. =D