Feeding Turkey To Stays Pictures

So Kiki has come to expect that I will get up give her treats and feed the strays outside. I guess she isn’t wrong. I love to feed the cats outside and I hope other people do the same. I bought a pack of slices turkey and threw a few big pieces to them. Of course I had to give some to Kiki and Koko as well. I really feel horrible for the cat with the messed up eye. It is really sad looking.

2 thoughts on “Feeding Turkey To Stays Pictures

  • TURKEY!!! Nom nom nom good huh Kiki and Koko! Dat is so very sweet to gives dem kitties outsides turkey too. Momma has gotten us fresh turkey before but we also has the freeze dried kind as treats!


    • The stray cats and kittens have been living down there for a few years now and have their own setup. Kiki and Koko get a little jealous when we share their food but they have to learn to share. =)

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