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Feeding Queens Kittens

Just came back from another walk feeding the stray kitties. This time there were only two but it still felt great feeding them. There was a small black and white one and a little, bitty gray one. The gray kitten was so timid it did not want to come near us. We placed the food on a plate and in a little container but the poor thing wanted to eat from the plate. The white kitty was not so happy about sharing so the gray kitty had to wait her turn. When the white one left, she was munching down that food eagerly! Neurto Natural Choice is a really good brand and our cats love it! It is one brand that does not have meat-by products and has a nice selection of variety. We will definitely stick with this brand for the rest of our kitties lives. Anyways, back to the NYC kittens, here are some pictures.

She was so afraid of us that we had to move back away from the fence for her to feel comfortable enough to come and eat.

The white cat was really not in the mood to share its food so it hissed at the poor little gray kitty and made it wait its turn. What can I say, on the streets it’s every cat for itself.

Despite being a little rude to the other kitten, she is still cute! Hopefully tomorrow it will be a nicer day and more cats will be out waiting for us to feed them. We noticed a big box there that was covered and made into a little ‘cat house’. It is nice to know that other people are worried and looking out for these cats. We all need to do our part to help them out.

Kiki in Shredder

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