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Feeding Queens Cats Pictures

We went back for our little walk again to feed our new friend cats and kittens. Today there were only two cats patiently waiting for us. The cute colorful kitten was back again and this time ran for me when she/he saw me. It felt great to know they remembered us. The small beautiful black kitten with the white patch on neck was there as well. There was something wrong with her/his eye and I felt horrible. I don’t know if it was eye pus or a scratch but she did not want to come near us. Just thinking about her makes me unbelievably sad.

This was the container that was nearest to the fence. The plate was all the way inside and I could not reach it. Hopefully tomorrow someone will be able to bring the plate close to the fence. I placed the food in this plastic container and this kitty could not wait. I tried to pet it a few times but it was timid and would back off.

I was just glad that the cat was at least eating even though it did not let me pet it fully. Maybe next time. If they get more comfortable with us, it would be easier to get them and take them to get spayed or neutered. The Humane society does it for 50 dollars but it is worth it and don’t have to wait on a long ‘free line’ and never be called up like the one ASPCA has.

My camera’s battery was exhausted so we had to use the cellphone camera. Wish I had better pictures of the poor thing but I don’t. I hope the eye heals fast! Koko had a misty eye once as well and the cat eye wipes did not work. I made some chamomile tea, cooled it off and put a drop of two in her eye. By the third time doing this, the fuzziness was gone.

Kiki Cat Being Bad

Kiki just loves to go to Daddy’s side of the computer when he is working and rolls around. She pushes the keyboard out of her

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