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Feeding NYC Kittens

So tonight we went back to feed the little kittens and oh my goodness! There were six beyond adorable kitties and they were all different! We had one can of food because we thought they would have plenty of food that other people leave them. We were wrong or they must have devoured it all during the day. We went back to the corner deli and got three more cans of food and separated into three plates that were there. I wish I had my camera with me because it was some site to see! I get emotional thinking about those poor little kitties and I wish I could take them all home with me. One of them let me pet it while it was eating and another one, the smallest of the bunch was really hungry it wanted me to drop the can so she pawed me two times. She did not scratch me, just pawed me. Ah, beyond adorable! Next time I will have my camera with me and make sure to take a lot of pictures! ASPCA says that they will pick cats up and spay and neuter them but I don’t believe that they would bring them back. And if those cats are not adopted, then what? For now all we can do is feed these cats and hope for the best.