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Feeding NYC Cats Pictures

Jenny and I went to feed the cats again and when we got there I saw they had dry food but they were not eating it. Color, Blacky, and Sweetheart were there first ready to eat anything that we brought to them. I opened a can of wet food and they munched it down within a few short minutes. I did not have my camera with me so all the pictures I took are from my phone. Anyways, Lazy and Handsome came out too but to only suntan. Lazy has been coming closer these days and maybe soon enough it will eat with the rest of the group. When Color, Blacky, and Sweetheart were done with the wet food I placed Nutro Natural Choice dry food and placed a little on three of the plates that were there. I pushed aside the other dry food and all three cats ate the Nutro dry food. Jenny was excited that Color and Sweetheart even let her pet them and it was a nice day. We did not get to see any kittens but I am sure they were around sleeping in the tall grass next to the fence. I know Hana used to move Kiki, Koko and their brothers around all the time away from people. Hopefully these cats will be safe and someone will come along the way and take them to good homes.

cats playing

Our Favorite Cat Toys

When you have multiple cats you get multiple personalities. We have two indoor cats and five outdoor TNR cats. They are so very unique and

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