Cats Smelling the Tulips

So I received a bouquet of tulips for my birthday and placed it in a vase, of course, and settled it on the living room table. Right away I knew this was a bad idea. First it was Koko smelling the flowers, going around the vase and laying down very close to the flowers. Next it was Kiki smelling the flowers then the leaves and slowly taking more interest in the leaves. The minute she started to almost lick the leaves I grabbed the vase and put it away in the office. I really can’t bring anything home or have a bouquet of fresh flowers in the house anymore.  After I put the flowers away, I googled if tulips were bad for cats and what do you know, they are! The bulb part is the poisonous part for them. If you are curios about flowers and you pets, I found a website with some helpful information.

Koko smelling the leaves and then the tulip bulbs. She did not take too much interest in the flowers.

This is the part where I turned off the camera, jumped and took the flowers away to another room. Cats are really like children. They want to get their paws and noses into everything possible even if it is bad for them. Curiosity is a horrible thing sometimes especially for cats.

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