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Cats Moving a Container Pictures

We just bought a plastic container to place Kiki and Koko’s dry food instead of having an open gigantic bag in the cabinet taking over the space. We bought a few wet food options and snacks and placed them inside. Kiki was not happy about this arrangement and started pushing the box around the living room. This container was under the small table and she managed the push and drag it around trying to sink her teeth into the box. It did not take Koko too long to join in with her sister and attack the poor box.

This is a picture of Kiki and the plastic box after she pushed the poor thing from under the table. She was already getting frustrated.

This is Kiki desperately biting the side of the box trying to open it and Koko cautiously joining in to help her sister.

Poor Kiki, she must think that biting the side of the box will magically open the container. Smarty pants she is. This was not done to torture the cats at all. As you can see, the Whiska’s meal pack is open and so are the treats. We gave them a little bit of everything before putting it back in the box our of their reach. Koko likes to surprise us and grab anything she finds and run away with it. She does it with a whole bag of bread, she can do it with a small bag of treats. After this I washed the container and put is safely away from the kitties view.

Kiki and Koko with Tea

Cats are just like small curious children who want to get into anything and everything and see what will happen. I was baking and had

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