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Cats, Kiki and Koko Get a Bath Pictures

So for a while now we have been meaning to give Kiki and Koko another bath. Their hair is everywhere and on everything and no matter how much I vacuum and mop the floors there is still hair leftover! When you touch them to pet them there is a chunk of hair on your hands and flying everywhere else in the air. If I did not brush them I would understand but I really, truly brush them every day! Anyways, we decided it was time and gave them a bath. It was a painful experience but well worth it. Kiki went in first and wanted to run a mile away from us. Koko was actually better and meowed just once. She did pretty good and I am very proud of her. When both cats were done they ran away from us and dried themselves off. I am so glad we finally gave them a bath. It was long over due but once it was done, everyone was happy. When we pet them now, there is no hair flying around and maybe once or no strands are stuck to my hands. I still brush them and of course hair will come out then but it’s is way less then usual. So if you are wondering if you should give your cat or kitten a bath do it! Cut their nails in advance and make sure to have someone hold them by their neck. You just need to put a little pressure in order for the cat to be calm or at least calms down. Good luck!

Scratch Post

Since we’ve had Kiki and Koko we have tried everything possible for them to have and to scratch. The first week with us in a

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