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Cats Inside Cooler Pictures

Saturday was a beautiful day and we wanted to take advantage of it. We packed our cooler and got ready to leave to Carmel NY to have a nice BBQ and to go on one of the walking trails. Before we left, Kiki and Koko could not get enough of the cooler. There was a little bit of ice on the bottom and they wanted to get their paws on it. They made sure we had everything for out trip. Once we closed the cooler, Kiki went right on top and tried to take a nap. Too bad we had to leave.

Koko In a Bag!

Kiki and Koko both love bags and boxes and whenever we go shopping and bring anything that they can either jump into or carry around,

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cats playing

Our Favorite Cat Toys

When you have multiple cats you get multiple personalities. We have two indoor cats and five outdoor TNR cats. They are so very unique and

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