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Cats Fighting Over Jeans Pictures

So I went to visit Safet, Kiki and Koko’s brother, and when I came home our babies were all over me. They smelled my jeans from top to bottom and kept rubbing their head against them. I guess they smelled their brother or maybe just another male cat scent. Wonder what would happen if they met again. Would they know that that is their brother? Anyways, I took off my jeans and next thing I know Kiki and Koko were fighting over them. They kept jumping on them and rolling around. I didn’t like the way they kept fighting over the jeans and running around like monkeys, so I took them and placed them in the laundry bin. They got washed and no more going koo-koo for my jeans. They just use them as a scratching post when I have them on.

Feeding Queens Kittens

Just came back from another walk feeding the stray kitties. This time there were only two but it still felt great feeding them. There was

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Kiki And Her Toy

Kiki and Koko both have a lot of toys yet Kiki is the one always finding ways to play with them. Koko will once in

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