Kiki and Koko’s Cat Supplies Store

Kiki and Koko are going to be two in less then a month, and they have gone through a lot of food, treats, and other cat supplies. It seemed that every month we were in the pet store purchasing something new for them whether it was new toys, treats, pet grass, and so on. We […]

Kittens Friend Ferret Bananas Picture

Kiki and Koko are very lucky to be living with us and have such a big family. In February, Kiki and Koko had a visitor that they did not how to react to, well expect be scared. My husband’s cousin’s fiance has a ferret, Bananas, and she bought it over because she heard that cats […]

Nutro Coupon Picture

So recently I signed up for Nutro Rewards and the minute I did so we were able to print a four dollars off Nutro Natural Choice dry pet food. This was great and we went to Petco the fallowing day. We bought the biggest bag there since we use the food for our cats and […]