Gray Kitten Under M Train

Today, Jenny and I went to feed the cats a little later than usual hoping to see more cats. When we got there, there was not one cat or kitten in sight! We were disappointed and this time I brought wet and dry food.When I was done with putting the food out, the gray kitten […]

Feeding One Kitten At a Time Pictures

Jenny and I went back again to feed our friends and when we came Color and the black and white kittens were there. The plates were gone and unreachable; the only thing around were cans from the wet food. I took my bag of Nutro Natural Choice food and spread it out in the three […]

Kittens Sharing Food Pictures

So, cousin Jenny and I went to feed the cats and when we got there three cats showed up. Color, the gray one, and the orange one came out of the box. I bought a small bowl just in case there were no plates and it was a good thing I did. The one thing […]

Kittens In NYC Pictures

Today was a very exciting day feeding the cats. I went back with our young cousin Jenny who loves animals and would do anything to have one. Since her mother is not a pet lover, feeding stray cats with me is as close to pets as she will get. When we got there, there was […]

Three Kitties In NYC Pictures

Went back to feed our NYC kittens today and with a new buddy, my little cousin. She was hoping to see the fuzzy, colorful cat I took pictures of last time but sadly it was not there today. Maybe tomorrow we will have better luck. Anyways, when we came, I saw the usual two kitties, […]

Stray Kitten In NYC Pictures

We went back to feed the stray cats today and only were greeted by one familiar kitten. As we were approaching the gate there was not a kitten in site and then out of the blue I saw the little colorful kitten,not sure if she would be considered a tabby, but she came running towards […]

M Train Kittens Pictures

We went back to feed our stray NYC cats and kittens and we bumped into our little black kitten on the way. It saw us and right away she/he walked back towards the gate where the food is. The eye still looks horrible but the poor thing will not come near me. I’m thinking that […]

Kittens Under the M Train

Went back today to feed the stray cats under the M train line. There were only two today and they had a lot of food. Someone placed a huge plate of dry food and soaked it up in water. It was just staying there. I wouldn’t want to eat it why would cats? There was […]

Feeding Queens Cats Pictures

We went back for our little walk again to feed our new friend cats and kittens. Today there were only two cats patiently waiting for us. The cute colorful kitten was back again and this time ran for me when she/he saw me. It felt great to know they remembered us. The small beautiful black […]