Feeding Outside Cats Pictures

We are still feeding the cats in the backyard but it is so hard to get pictures of them up close and personal. The other day we woke up at 5am as usual and I opened the kitchen window for Kiki and Koko to enjoy some air. When I went in to get the coffee, […]

M Train Kittens are Back Pictures

So the Men In Black movie was filming a scene in our neighborhood and they just happened to pick the spot under the M train where the cats and kittens live. They cleaned the whole place up which was nice to see but there was not a cat in sight. I went with Jenny the […]

Backyard Cats Pictures

So I went outside to feed the strays that usually stay in the backyard of the next building. The minute I came, all three ran away. I left the Nutro dry food pebbles for them to eat and went back to the house. Then I opened my kitchen window and started snapping pictures. This was […]

More Stray Cats To Feed Pictures

In the yard next to us, there are always stray cats that sleep and wait for someone to throw them some food. I am that someone along with other neighbors that live in that building. Unlike the M Train cats and kittens who come close to us, these run as fast as they can so […]

Feeding NYC Cats Pictures

Jenny and I went to feed the cats again and when we got there I saw they had dry food but they were not eating it. Color, Blacky, and Sweetheart were there first ready to eat anything that we brought to them. I opened a can of wet food and they munched it down within […]

New Cat Family Pictures

So Jenny and I went to feed the cats and the kittens and were really hoping to see the kittens again. When we came, ‘Blacky’ was there and so was ‘Handsome’ (the gray kitten). I gave them one pack of Whiska’s wet food and on the other side I placed Nutro Natural Choice. They sure […]

New Kittens Under M Train

Today was a very sad and exciting day. Jenny and I went to feed the kittens and when we go there we were greeted my Color, Sweetheart and four adorable little kittens! I just wanted to cry. They were beyond adorable and they all deserve a loving home. Two of them are black with white […]

Sweetheart and Color the Kittens

Jenny, I and another cousin went to feed the kittens under the train line. When we got there Color was alone and in the corner probably waiting for food. The eyes seems to be clear of puss and there was no need for the wipes. I placed the dry food in a container and then […]

Petting Color Kitten Pictures

Today was a great day for me and Jenny. We went to feed the kittens and at first there was not a cat in sight but once I shook the bag of Nutro food Color came running. Right away I noticed something was wrong and we later saw a lot of puss by its eyes. […]