Koko Cat’s Beautiful Eyes Pictures

Koko is a beautiful cat and we just absolutely love her to pieces! It is hard to take pictures of her, especially at night, but when we do we can’t stop looking at her lovely eyes. When Koko looks up, you can always see a little part of her tooth! It is adorable beyond words. […]

Kitten Koko by the Mirror Picture

This is a picture of kitten Koko before she got attacked by her sister Kiki from the corner. The end result was Kiki attaching Koko for a second and running away into the hallway.

Koko Cat Playing With Pink Toy Pictures

In our whole apartment we have only two toys that are not for cats in the house, which Kiki and Koko still take full ownership off. While Kiki likes the little elf looking stuffed animal, Koko is liking the pink cat/dog like stuffed animal. I was watching television in the living room and she just […]

Koko Cat and The Milk Container Pictures

We were in the living room and wanted to snack on something so we took out the milk and cereal. Before we knew it, Koko was on top of the table trying to bike the milk container in any way possible. She used to do this when she was little and she would actually pierce […]

Koko Kitten Behind Computer Pictures

When we brought Kiki and Koko home for the first time, we thought that everything was safe and ready for them. The first place Koko went for was my computer and the cables that were popping from it. We were so paranoid that they would get trapped in the cables or try to chew them […]

Cute Koko Kitten Picture

This was our little Koko, our troublemaker back in the days. She was so tiny and puffy and of course colected everything with her black hair, even till this day. No matter how much I clean and sweep she still manages to have dust of her.

Koko Cat Sleeping Under Blanket

This May has been a little crazy especially with all the rain and changes in the temperature. Inside the house it gets a little chilly and we always worry if the cats can feel it. We know they have fur that keeps them warm but an extra blanket can’t hurt either. Koko loved to sleep […]

Koko Kitten Spills Water

Since Kiki and Koko moved in with us at two months old we let them take over us in every way possible. Even though they have the same water we have in our cups, they still run after us when we have a cup in hand. One day I was in my room on the […]

Koko Kitten On Bed Pictures

This morning I woke up, got out of bed and went for my phone to see what time it was. I was going to make the bed and go eat but I saw the cutest thing ever. Out of all the cats in the world, my little Koko finally decided to sleep with me. It’s […]