Our Box Lover Cat Kiki

Cute Kiki Cat In Box

Our cat Kiki is a troublemaker. She loves to play and meow and play and meow some more. She meows for treats, when there is no food in her plate, and when she is ready to play. The problem with this is that she wants her treats at 3am and all I want to do […]

Kiki Cat Being Bad

Kiki just loves to go to Daddy’s side of the computer when he is working and rolls around. She pushes the keyboard out of her way, makes sure to mark the computer screen with her teeth, and leaves a trail of her hair everywhere! She loves Daddy so much that he can’t help himself but […]

Kiki Cat Making A Wish Picture

This is our cute Kiki looking at the candle on the cake and wondering how she should jump up and touch it. Good thing the water bottle spray is always close by.

Second Day With Kittens Pictures

This goes back to June 7th, 2010, Kiki and Koko’s second day in their new home. They were so small and did not want to get to us too much but still wanted to play with their new toys. They loves these two sticks; one with the pink ball and the other with the green […]

Kiki Kitten Smelling Sneakers

Kiki and Koko love to smell shoes of all kind and feet, especially when we have guests over. I guess it is a cat thing but Kiki was really trying to sniff out the smell from my new sneakers which I never had a chance to wear last year. Maybe I will wear then this […]

Kiki Kitten Under Covers Pictures

We had a guest over and even with four bedroom we did not have an extra bed to have them sleep on. The air mattress deflates by itself so that’s not very useful. So, I covered the living room sofa with sheets and a cozy blanket and left. Little did I know my Kiki was […]

Kiki Kitten Sniffing Pictures

Eating at home is a big challenge when you have two kittens that want to stick their paws and noses everywhere the smell takes them. Making sandwiches for work is always hard and I have to give them a piece of turkey in order for them to back away from me. Well last night we […]

Kiki Kitten Hates The Vacuum

Kiki and Koko have always been afraid of the vacuum as many cats are but the places they find to hind in are, well hilarious! When we first got Kiki and Koko I was afraid to vacuum and did not want to scare them that I would sweep up the house, steam it or go […]

Kiki And Her Toy

Kiki and Koko both have a lot of toys yet Kiki is the one always finding ways to play with them. Koko will once in a while surprise us and chaise one of the toys of her own. Koko is more likely to play when we throw the toy to her sister and she decided […]