Kittens Love Their Window Pictures

Last night I came into the kitchen and Koko was on the window sill looking out into the night. Seeing that I Koko was getting attention Kiki jumped on and I took some pictures, bad ones actually because of the big flash. It made me think and look back at some pictures as far as […]

Kittens Eating With Mother Hana

When the kittens were born, Hana was a really good mother. She was on them like a hawk! They had a nice little basket where she could lay down and feed them in but Hana wanted more protection for her litter. She used to take them all and stick them in my brother’s closet where […]

Kittens Sharing A Sleeping Spot

Kiki and Koko are I previously said have their own sleeping spots. Now that I have cleaned up Koko’s spot and placed a nice fuzzy green blanket over the plastic shelf, it occurred to Kiki that it’s a nice place to take a nap on. I came into my room yesterday and Koko was on […]

Kittens Favorite Spots For Sleeping

Kiki and Koko, like most cat, love to sleep! They either go to their favorite spots or find new ones that they don’t tell us about. Sometimes we would be ready to leave the house and can’t do it unless we make sure that they are both safe and that we did not lock them […]

Cats Moving a Container Pictures

We just bought a plastic container to place Kiki and Koko’s dry food instead of having an open gigantic bag in the cabinet taking over the space. We bought a few wet food options and snacks and placed them inside. Kiki was not happy about this arrangement and started pushing the box around the living […]

Sisterly Love Cat Pictures

Kiki and Koko are twins, they may look and act completely different but they are twins. They have the same mother and father so it is no wonder sometimes they sleep and act exactly the same. I was watching the television and Kiki jumped on the corner of the couch. Not even a minute flew […]

Water Time For Kittens

Kiki and Koko both have learned to drink water from our cups and it’s a horrible habit now. The minute Kiki sees a cup in our hands she runs for it and we of course have to oblige and give her the cup. Kiki will place her full head into the cup and drink away […]

Cats Smelling the Tulips

So I received a bouquet of tulips for my birthday and placed it in a vase, of course, and settled it on the living room table. Right away I knew this was a bad idea. First it was Koko smelling the flowers, going around the vase and laying down very close to the flowers. Next […]

Quiet Cats

So I was washing the dishes and realized that there were no cats around me. I looked around in the living room and on the windows and found no cat. So I decided to take my camera and see where these two little girls have gone off to to take a nap. I found Kiki […]