Cats Inside Cooler Pictures

Saturday was a beautiful day and we wanted to take advantage of it. We packed our cooler and got ready to leave to Carmel NY to have a nice BBQ and to go on one of the walking trails. Before we left, Kiki and Koko could not get enough of the cooler. There was a […]

Kiki and Koko Kittens Sleeping Picture

This is a picture of Kiki and Koko when they were tiny little kittens and loved to sleep on top of the cat scratcher. They were tiny enough to fit on top of it.

Kiki Cat Eating a Bag Pictures

Whenever we come home from shopping, I usually take everything out of the bags and make sure to put everything away before our two cats could get their paws in it. This time, a friend came over and left their shopping bag in the front hallway. This was of course a horrible idea but I […]

Cats Sleeping Soundly Pictures

Today was a very lazy day, and if i did not have anything to do I would have joined Kiki and Koko in their whole day nap. They ate in the morning and went back to sleep. Around one I went to my bedroom and they jumped on and dozed off. They are so cute […]

New Toys for Cats

Kiki more then Koko has managed to destroy a lot of toys over a year making it hard for her to keep anything in descent shape. We went shopping and decided it was time to throw away two of their toys, a blue and baige mouse, and give them more mice and teeth toys to […]

Kittens In Litter Box Pictures

When we got Kiki and Koko home, it was on June 10, 2010. They were so small and innocent looking but not innocent at all. A few days later I was cleaning the litter box and when I came back into the room I found Kiki and Koko trying to sleep in the litter. I […]

Cats Sleeping Together

Since I made a spot for Koko in my room on my plastic shelf, Kiki has been trying to use it as well. The other day they got into a fight because Koko did not want Kiki to join her. So I decided I needed to make the space all theirs and move my junk […]

Kiki and Koko Cats Playing

So I came home from food shopping and when I emptied my shopping bag well Koko could not wait to get her hands on it. She jumped right on in and made herself at home. Of course we know what will happen next: Kiki will try to jump on top of her sister and see […]

Kiki and Koko Share a Box Picture

Kiki and Koko love boxes as I’m sure most cats do. They came to their new home inside a box that we still kept for memory purpose. We recently had a delivery and of course Kiki and Koko got to keep the box for a few days. Kiki was sleeping on top of the box […]