Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Kiki and Koko are in great mood today because it’s Cinco de Mayo! Happy Cinco de Mayo to everymeow! We hope you have a great and happy holiday and don’t get too drunk like Kiki and Koko. I tried to put the hat on Kiki but she kept taking it off. Finally she laid by […]

Kiki and Koko Cats Turn 5!

Today Kiki and Koko cats turn 5! We have had them for 4 years and 10 months of their short 5 years, and we have loved and cherished every moment so far. Today Kiki and Koko will get more food than usual, after all, they have to be spoiled on their birthday just as we […]

Kiki Cat The Computer Genius!

Our Kiki loves to lay on top of the laptops and take her long naps. While she loves the heat that the laptops give off, she always ends up opening weird files or changing the characters of the keys. Cat Kiki the computer genius has recently snuck into my office while I was cooking and […]

Egg-Cersizer for Kiki

Kiki has always loved food. When she was a kitten her siblings were not so nice to her and would push her out of the way when they all ate but she managed to go in there and fight for her share. Needless to say when we took her and Koko home for good, we […]

Kiki and Koko Cats Enjoying Leftover Turkey

Right now Kiki and Koko eat BlueBuffalo dry cat food and it has helped Koko with her allergies dramatically. It not only helped Koko with scratching it also helped her grow her hair back and both of the cats have shinier and smoother coats. Now, we try to avoid other kind of food and give […]

Cats Kiki and Koko Have Visitors On The Deck

So last night at 2am I heard a loud noise and jumped out of bed thinking one of the cats broke a mug, a plate, or something. I went to the kitchen looked around and found nothing. I went around the living room, looked around and found nothing. Koko was there with me every step […]

Cats Kiki and Koko’s 4th Birthday!

Today Kiki and Koko turn 4 years old in their new home! This is the first birthday they get to celebrate in their new home where they get to see chipmunks, squirrels, deer, various birds, even bears and other critters. On this day, April 4th, 2014 the girls were spoiled and got to enjoy some […]

Birthday Cats Kiki and Koko

Today Kiki and Koko turn 3 years old! It feels like yesterday that they came into our live and spent a good week hiding under the recliner. After that week, they managed to take over the whole apartment and furniture and make it their own. Today, April 10, 2013, Kiki and Koko were surprisingly good […]

Adorable Cat Kiki Yawning

It’s a little hard to capture a cute cat moment, but I am so happy I finally got a great shot (or at least I believe it’s a great shot) of Kiki licking her mouth and finally yawning! Her teeth look good from my angle and her tongue is looking super clean. I must be […]