Kiki Kitten One Month Old

This is a picture of Kiki being help by daddy when she was just one month old! We waited for them to be two months old so we could take them all to get their shots and finally take Kiki and Koko home with us.

Cousin Smoki Kitten and Mama Picture

This is a picture of Cousin Smoki and his Mama Amie in Canada. This picture was from a visit to Canada in July of 2010 when Smoki was two months old.

Kiki and Koko on Rugs Pictures

The fist night Kiki and Koko spent with us was in my room on my rug. We did not know the best way to let the kittens sleep and just gave them two big room to play in while we went to bed. This was a horrible mistake and we all ended up on the […]

Kitten Sisters Playing Picture

This is a picture of kittens Kiki and Koko playing. In this picture, it is clear that youngest sibling Kiki was beating Koko.

KiKi Kitten

This is Kiki when she was an young kitten.