Kiki Cat Sleeping In Closet Picture

We were getting ready to leave to a wedding and wanted to make sure our cats had everything. We looked around and could not find Kiki, until we looked in the closet and found her cute little face looking out at us. Her hair was sticking to everything in there but it’s fine as long […]

Kiki and Koko Kittens Sleeping Picture

This is a picture of Kiki and Koko when they were tiny little kittens and loved to sleep on top of the cat scratcher. They were tiny enough to fit on top of it.

Kiki Inside a Bag Picture

Last time Koko was the only one that got to roll around in this bag but today when I came home, Kiki was ready for me and the bag. She just ‘chilled’ in there and took her time.

New Kittens Under M Train

Today was a very sad and exciting day. Jenny and I went to feed the kittens and when we go there we were greeted my Color, Sweetheart and four adorable little kittens! I just wanted to cry. They were beyond adorable and they all deserve a loving home. Two of them are black with white […]

Maybe Koko Kitten Picture

I took this picture when they were little kittens walking around bumping into things and could barely get up on stair. This could be Koko or it could be one of the brothers either way it is a cute picture.

Hana Cat Waiting Picture

This is a picture of Kiki and Koko’s mama Hana waiting for someone who went to the bathroom. She was so pleasant to be around.

Kiki Kitten Smelling Sneakers

Kiki and Koko love to smell shoes of all kind and feet, especially when we have guests over. I guess it is a cat thing but Kiki was really trying to sniff out the smell from my new sneakers which I never had a chance to wear last year. Maybe I will wear then this […]

Koko Kitten Covered Picture

We are always wondering if the kittens are cold when they roll up in tiny balls. When Koko was small she would fall asleep by my computer and I would cover her up with a towel.

Safet Cat On Bed Picture

Safet (Sajo) is the brother cat of Kiki and Koko. He loves to lay down on his mama’s bed and sleep. He also loved to wake her up with his paws when it is time for bed.