Finding Food for Cats with Allergies

cat allergies

Kiki and Koko are sisters born on the same day and have the same mom. This is basically where their similarities end. Kiki was the runt of the litter and the only tabby while her siblings are all black. You would never think that such a chunky cat was once the smallest and most frail. […]

Natural Choice Wet Cat Food

We have been giving Nutro Natural Choice wet food to Kiki and Koko since they moved in with us. We trust Nutro because it seems to be one brand that uses real meat in their cat food products. Even some other ‘natural’ brand name cat food have meat by products and other preservatives that you […]

Natural Choice Cat Food

Since Kiki and Koko moved in with us at 2 months of age, we have been feeding them Nutro Natural Choice Dry and wet food. Before we took in the kittens, we did a lot of research and took in other people’s advice as well. When we first went to Petco, we asked the lady […]