Sajo Cat Playing Outside Pictures

Safet is Kiki and Koko’s brother that lives with my mother and is not trying to be an indoor cat. He had the freedom to go out all the time but now she keeps him locked in. We were in the backyard and he kept on meowing that she let him go out. The first […]

Sajo the Cat on Window Sill

Safet the cat really loves to go outside in the backyard but since his sugary he has been in kept safe in the house. He received a nice bath and was sparkling clean. We were sitting in the backyard having a barbecue when he poped up behind us on the window sill and started meowing. […]

Safet Cat on Chair Picture

When Hana lived with my mother, she would love to jump on one of the money chairs and sit. We never saw her as a cat but like a human. She did not give you the vibe of a cat at all. She ate with her paws and she was so gentile and friendly.   […]

Visiting Borther Sajo Cat Pictures

Yesterday I went to visit Safet (Sajo) and he looked much skinnier but glad to see me. Right away he was flipping and turning and I could not help myself but sit on the floor and play with him. He was neutered recently and had to go to the vet because he had warms. The […]

Kitten Brother Sajo Pictures

Kiki and Koko have two more siblings both boys, Sajo (sa-yo) and Black Angel. Since Sajo actually lives with my mom, we are able to see him grow and take plenty of pictures when we remember to bring our camera. Sajo is also born on April 10th, 2010 and is a very nice cat. He […]