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Cat Tree for Cats Pictures

We just started watching this show called My Cats From Hell and the cat expert kept saying that cats love heights. I decided to get our two cats a cat tree so they can explore and maybe they will like the tree enough to let me cook in the kitchen in peace. I bought the cat tree from Amazon and it was about 60 dollars with shipping came to a 100 bucks but well worth it. I really thought that Koko was going to be the one on the very top right away but was shocked to see Kiki exploring and enjoying the view. We actually had to put some cat nip to get them interested and I used the string toy to get them to climb up and down the tree the right way. Koko still prefers to just jump instead of walking down safely but hopefully she will get used to it soon enough. They just had this for a few hours. This scared me a little because I was worried that Kiki might be plotting a way to actually jump on the clock and there goes one thing in the house that they did not damage, so far. I think the cat tree is about 72 inches high and they have plenty of space to take over. Kiki really enjoyed the cat tree and actually took a few naps on it. It has been one full day since they had their tree and Kiki really does love it. Koko loves it but will probably need a little more time to adjust to it. Maybe she is afraid of heights, wouldn’t that be something?

This is a great toy for cats and amazon has a great deal on this item. I really recommend it.