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Cat Koko Inside Arizona Box

Cats really love boxes and the smaller they are the better it seems to fit them. Well on this day, Koko was missing and I couldn’t find her anywhere! She wasn’t in the bedrooms, she wasn’t in the bathrooms, nor was she downstairs or under the beds. As I was starting to think she might have somehow escaped to the garage I looked down and see blackness inside the Arizona box. My search was over. My crazy Koko was inside the box enjoying herself.

Koko Inside Arizona Box3

This is what I saw from the top so it’s no wonder I couldn’t find her. She could be a good Ninja I imagine.

Koko Inside Arizona Box

I love going down to her level and seeing life from her perspective. She was so darn cute inside the box!

Koko Inside Arizona Box2

Oh my crazy Koko! You are always surprising me with something. At least you were safe and sound and not in the garage. The last time she escaped in the garage and we got her back, she and her sister Kiki were hissing at each other for days! It was the worst few days of our lives! They never hissed before and especially not at each other. I am just glad that wasn’t the case this time.