Cat Allergy Problems

cat-allergy-problemsKoko has allergies, and according to her brother Angel’s owner, so does he. They have severe skin allergy where they scratch themselves to the point where they bleed. They also lost hair and at one point Koko barely had any hair on her ears. Over time we have tried everything we can to ease her scratching and make sure she’s okay.

Chicken-Free Cat Food

Cat allergies can occur from anything but mostly happen from food. The first thing we did, besides moving into the woods, was change her food. We went from Blue Buffalo to Natural Balance duck recipe because it had no chicken or chicken liver or other chicken ingredients. This has been amazing! Her ear hair has fully grown out, her skin is nice and shiny and best of all she loves the food.

I must admit the first day she didn’t want the food. She sniffed it and walked away. This broke my heard and made me think whether spending money on food that had no chicken was worth her not being happy. A few hours later, she ate the pebbles and my heart was overjoyed once again.

Dust Free Cat Litter

Next we kept looking for the best cat litter with little to no dust. This was the hardest part, I believe, since we are still looking for that “one”. I went from World’s Best Cat Litter to Blue Buffalo cat litter to Fresh Result Natural Pine Scent to Fresh News cat litter and finally Yesterday’s News. This is the first month I am trying Yesterday’s News and I like it but don’t love it. I did love Fresh Result Natural Pine Scent because it was cheap and smelled nice but it did have dust so it’s not 99% dust-free.

I loved Fresh News until I noticed that fruit flies like it as well and it does not control the odor in the bathroom. Yesterday’s News is a little better but when it gets wet, it kind of “melts” or turns a bit powdery. For now, I think it’s the best cat litter that I’ve tried so far. I would love to find one that is 100% dust free but that might not be invented yet.

Happy Cat

If you have a cat with allergies change their food and their litter. Make sure that the treats that you choose also don’t have chicken (really, really, hard to find) or limit the treats. Make sure your home is clean and that you vacuum at least once a week. I have a HEPA filter vacuum (very heavy) but it picks up all the hair. I also make sure to clean the floors with a wet or dry cloth daily so that their hair is not everywhere and increasing Koko’s cat allergies.

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