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Caged Kittens

If you have cats or kittens, you know that there comes a time where you have to take them to the vet to get all their shots and to be spayed or neutered. When Kiki and Koko were six months old we decided it was time to take them to the vet and have them spayed. They have already received their other shots when they were two months old. We went to PETCO and could only find these two carrier cages that were good enough for one time use. They were 24 dollars and we needed something fast since their appointment was the fallowing day. When we came home, we dropped both of the cages in the living room and watched Kiki and Koko go to work sniffing and chewing and looking; being their curious selves. They both actually went inside and did not meow which was a good sign. I tried placing their two soft and furry cat pillows inside so that it was more comfortable but they did not want to do anything with it. They would just stare from the outside and try to take the pillow out themselves. After the vet visit, we used the cages for punishment when they would knock down a plant or fight violently with one another and we would know when this occurs since Kiki would meow in pain.

We have stopped using the cage for punishment, and have given up. The two carrier cages are inside the kitty room and once in a while Kiki and Koko would go inside and take a nice nap.

NYC Kitties

Tonight we went back to the same spot under the train tracks to feed our kitties. We went a little earlier so there were not

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