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Black Kittens and Sweetheart Cat Pictures

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything about the stray cats that I feed but it is all sad news and I don’t want to think about it. The more I go the less cats and kittens there are. The other day I went and saw Handsome and the white and black kitten only being fed by another stranger. I decided to just see them and walk by. Today I went back with Jenny and it was just a horrible site. As we came, there was only one black kitten there looking at me and then running to get the food. Then the second black kitten and Sweetheart came from out of no where and joined in. I looked at the first kitten and saw that the eyes were not in good shape but were still okay. Once the second black kitten looked up I really wanted to cry! It was a horrible site to see the left eye in such shape. Even the cat’s eye in the backyard is better then this poor little kittens. I am just disappointed in myself. I really don’t know how to help them and give them more then just food. Anyways, out of no where Blacky came but is all grown up. He isn’t a kitten anymore. He looks all grown up and ready to mingle, maybe even with Sweetheart by the looks of it. Each time the family circle changes. I really hope to see Color and the other two kittens soon and if not I hope someone is taking good care of them in their own homes.