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Birthday Girls

Today is April 10, 2011 and Kiki and Koko are one year old! They still look like little kittens but from today on they are ‘adult cats’. This morning they woke up around 3:30 am and were going crazy. They were born around that time, well except Kiki who came out around 5 in the morning. It’s as if they knew that today was a special day and they should get up extra early and go nuts. They both went to the little room to do their ‘business’ and would not stop digging! I had to get up three times to get them out of the litter box. When they finally stopped digging the litter box they started going at the clay litter bag. I taped the bag up really well but it was no use, their little paws just kept finding the right amount of space to squeeze through. Ah, our little kitty cats just know how to get us to wake up… Today they will be getting a little extra wet food and a few new cat nip toys. They deserve it, even though they are spoiled little brats beyond words. Birthday Girls

Two Cute Kittens Sleeping

They love to sleep next to each other. You can see they have taken over the couch and love the leather.

Cute Kitten Picture

This is KiKi. Very cute and a big trouble maker. Loves attention and always wants to be played with.

Cute Kitten Pictures

This is KoKo. She is the older sister of KiKi just by a few minutes. KoKo is calm kitten but sometimes likes to play fight with your hand.

KoKo SleepingKoKo loves sleeping on the keyboard but only when I am trying to use it.

KiKi on KeyboardKiKi also does same as her sister but they just so cute hard to say no to them.