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Birth of Kittens Pictures

Early April 10th around 4am, Hana the cat screeched a loud scream. She was in labor and everyone in the house was in shock. My mother was the only one that did not panic as much. She helped cat Hana by taking out the intestinal tube and throwing it out. The picture is not so clear but by mother was new with the phone and was the only one smart enough to take a picture.

It is definitely not a pretty picture but Hana was a brave cat.

Three kittens came out and my mom cleaned up Hana and her ‘guts’ not knowing that another one was on its way. When my mom came back to the room at 6am Hana was in labor once again and our Kiki came. She was the smallest of the four kittens and the only one that looked like her mama.

This is Hana after she gave birth to her litter and they were ready to eat. She looked so whipped out and exhausted but did an amazing job giving birth and raising her children for two months.