Finding Food for Cats with Allergies

cat allergies

Kiki and Koko are sisters born on the same day and have the same mom. This is basically where their similarities end. Kiki was the runt of the litter and the only tabby while her siblings are all black. You would never think that such a chunky cat was once the smallest and most frail. […]

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Cat Allergy Problems

Koko has allergies, and according to her brother Angel’s owner, so does he. They have severe skin allergy where they scratch themselves to the point where they bleed. They also lost hair and at one point Koko barely had any hair on her ears. Over time we have tried everything we can to ease her […]

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Happy Halloween From Kiki and Koko!

Happy Halloween! I love Halloween not because adults get to dress up but we can stuff our face with candy and it’s okay, no actually it’s mandatory! =) Anyway, I carved a cat pumpkin or a catkin and wanted to share it with the girls. I really wanted a good Halloween picture with them and […]

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