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Adorable Cat Kiki Yawning

It’s a little hard to capture a cute cat moment, but I am so happy I finally got a great shot (or at least I believe it’s a great shot) of Kiki licking her mouth and finally yawning! Her teeth look good from my angle and her tongue is looking super clean. I must be doing a good job raising them, with the help of a new healthier diet (Blue Buffalo) and their daddy.

Kiki Cat Licking Her Mouth

My exotic short-hair Kiki looks beautiful, even when she drives me bananas, wakes me up in the middle of the night, and bosses me around when to feed her, play with her and pet her!

Kiki Cat Yawning

Do you love this picture or what? No editing needed! Her coat is looking shinny too, but I think there is a bath coming around the corner. She sheds more then her sister Koko but is not a fan of baths at all!