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M Train Kittens are Back Pictures

June 15, 2011

So the Men In Black movie was filming a scene in our neighborhood and they just happened to pick the spot under the M train where the cats and kittens live. They cleaned the whole place up which was nice to see but there was not a cat in sight. I went with Jenny the fallowing day to check up on them and there were no kittens at all, not even lazy could be found in the box which the film people did not destroy. So I went to for a walk and wanted to check up and see if the cats and kittens are back and guess what, they were! I only brought with me a small bag of dry food and nothing else. When I came, there was Color, Sweetheart, the four kittens and Handsome. One big happy family. Color was the first to come to me and eat. Then came Sweetheart and the little look alike. Handsome was right there too but he did not eat, but still looks handsome as always. They are so small and sweet! Too bad the fence is back up and I can’t get to the kittens. This is the big happy family! Hopefully no more movie or interruptions for the kitties and the cats.


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