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Kiki and Koko Cats

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

May 5, 2015

Kiki and Koko are in great mood today because it’s Cinco de Mayo! Happy Cinco de Mayo to everymeow! We hope you have a great and happy holiday and don’t get too drunk like Kiki and Koko.

kiki cinco de mayoI tried to put the hat on Kiki but she kept taking it off. Finally she laid by the door to catch some rays and I placed the brandy in front of her. She was in love with the bottle! I managed to take one picture with her, the hat and the brandy before she started rolling around with the bottle.

kiki brandyShe even tried to chew the bottle. Guess she really wanted to get drunk for the holiday.

koko cinco de mayoKoko was no better at letting me put the hat on her. She finally went to sleep on the cat tree and I was able to put the tiny hat on her. She looks very drunk, doesn’t she? It’s the nice warm weather we are finally having. The girls are loving it!

koko cincoShe was not in the mood for any pictures but I am sure she wishes everyone a very happy Cinco de Mayo! Feliz cinco de Mayo everyone from cats Kiki and Koko!



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