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Happy Halloween! I love Halloween not because adults get to dress up but we can stuff our face with candy and it’s okay, no actually it’s mandatory! =) Anyway, I carved a cat pumpkin or a catkin and wanted to share it with the girls. I really wanted a good Halloween picture with them and the pumpkin but they were not having any of it. I even tried to bribe them with food but they just ate the pebbles and walked away. These are the best pictures I could get.




I assume they didn’t like the candle inside or the pumpkin smell. Koko should be used to it since she had to eat pumpkin when she was backed up for a few days after her shot. Well, she didn’t like my cat pumpkin because she didn’t get close at all.

cats and catkin

Kiki and Koko enjoying some Blue Buffalo pebbles but did not give me any good pictures.

kiki and pumpkin

HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM KIKI AND KOKO! We hope that you all have a happy, healthy and fun Halloween with your fur friends and family!

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